Continental Breakfast
  • Orange Juice (330ml)
  • Toast
  • Jelly
  • Coffee or tea
(Breakfast included in your 2 night stay) $135.00 mxp per person
American Breakfast
  • Orange juice or fruit in season
  • Eggs at your choice or hot cakes
  • Sweet rolls
  • Coffee, tea or milk
(Continental Upgrade available in your 2 night stay $145.00 mxp)
+ add meat or chicken only $50.00mxp

Short fruit plate $75.00mxp

Long fruit plate $120.00mxp

Cottage cheese order $65.00mxp

Hot cakes $105.00mxp

Waffles $105.00mxp

Muffins with cheese beans $95.00mxp

Yoghurt $50.00mxp

Cereals $65.00mxp

Toast order (4 pieces) $55.00mxp

Sweet bread (2 pieces) $60.00mxp

French toast $85.00mxp

Quesadillas or sopes order (3 pieces)  $55.00mxp

Chicharrón gorditas, cheese or mexican curd (3 pieces) $60.00mxp

Chorizo, jam or cheese order $60.00mxp

Variety of scrambled egg preparations
Scrambled eggs $ 155.00mxp

Eggs with ham 155.00mxp

Eggs with bacon $ 155.00mxp

Eggs with chorizo 155.00mxp

Eggs with sausage 155.00 mxp

Chorizo, jam or cheese extra order $60.00 mxp

Variety of fried egg preparations

Fried eggs $ 150.00 m.n.

Divorced eggs $ 155.00 m.n.

Rancheros Eggs $ 155.00 m.n.


Ask about the special eggs of the day

(Pasilla, morita or northern machaca)


Omelette with Mushrooms $ 155.00 m.n.

Omelette with Ham $ 155.00 m.n.

Lebanese Omelette 155.00 m.n.

Vegetarian Omelette 155.00 m.n.

Preparation of chilaquiles

Green or red chilaquiles $ 120.00 m.n.

Chilaquiles with bacon $ 155.00 m.n.

Chilaquiles with egg 149.00 m.n.

Chilaquiles with chicken $ 155.00 m.n.

Chilaquiles with chorizo 155.00 m.n.

Extra (Chorizo, Bacon, Milanese) $60.00mxp each


Coffee Jar $120.00mxp

Instant coffee $38.00mxp

Capsule coffee 52.00mxp

Double espresso coffee $95.00mxp

Espresso $65.00mxp

Milk 8oz $58.00mxp


Note: Taxes not included